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Lots of Hats

From gathering the team for a project meeting to deep-in-thought solving a coding problem, I bring a breadth of experience to the task. Working for smaller agencies means being a generalist and not being too specialized to step up and do what needs to be done. Not only do I have a strong understanding of the ins and outs of design and development, I have worked closely and well with diverse groups, cultures and personalities.

All in the Details

It is all in the details. One pixel makes the difference not only in how it looks but how it works. If there is a semi-colon out of place in the code, the page won't load. A pixel or two off in the visual content illustrates a lack of attention to detail.

Organizational details and project management done correctly from the beginning ensures a high quality end result – on time and within budget.



I have Adobe Creative Suite of the brain. I can color correct a photo and prepare it for press in Photoshop, create a vector image for a web app in Illustrator, layout a marketing piece in InDesign, and create a presentation in Captivate – then call it a day. With evolving applications and best practices, I keep my skills current. I'm experienced in hand-coding HTML and CSS (learning more PHP, Javascript and JQuery). I am also proficient in the use of learning/content management systems, and MS Office applications.